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GLOBTUM Acoustic Damping Sheet (ADS) is a bitumen enriched self adhesive backed material manufactured from a mixture of bitumen plasticizers and elastomers.

GLOBTUM is designed to improve the insulation or airborne sound in structures and to absorb structure-borne sounds of all frequencies in metal, wood and composite structures. Particularly suitable for light structures, for example, to dampen resonance, and for fenders to absorb tyre noise.
When the material is warm, it is very elastic and easy to mould. GLOBTUM is specifically designed to reduce irritating metallic vibration generated from sheet metal, fiberglas and plastics. When the sheet is fixed to the relavent surfaces the vibrations are immediately absorbed., The adhesive backing is protected by a silicon release paper that permits easy storing and stacking. GLOBTUM Acoustic Damping Sheet is black in colour and grey.

Due to its high degree of flexibility, bitumen can accommodate curved surfaces without diffuculties, even at room temperature.

o Excellent noise reduction,

o GLOBTUM shall be capable of withstanding intermittent temperatures up to 120oC without blistering or sliding down vertical surfaces,

o Material shall be free from flammable vapors and shall be self extinguishing as defined by FMVSS 302,

o Vibration damping, GLOBTUM as a sound deadner effectively reduces the resonant vibration of sheet metal panels that radiate noise,

o Easy to assemble,

o PSA can be laminated

o GLOBTUM shows excellent resistance to water ,

• Steel panels in the automotive industry and agricultural machinery.

• Bodies, doors, firewalls and floors of trucks, buses, agricultural and off-highway equipment,

• Rapid transit and railway cars as cabin insulation elements

• Motor and transformer housing,

• Metal Office furniture,

• Widely used in air-conditioning ductwork and the white goods industry.

• Used in conjunction with GLOBTUM Acoustics range of lagging products to dramatically enhance acoustic performance.

• Soundproofing of formed steel or aluminium panels and cabinets

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