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Cork is a natural, renewable, sustainable raw material that has been used for many centuries.Cork is bark of the oak which is periodically harvested from the tree which it then

The bark has a cellular structure consisting micro 14-sided cells which is captured microscopic volume of air.In other words one cubic inch cork contains 200 millions cells. Each cells are seperated by impermeable and remarkable strong resinous membrane. Slightly more than 50 percent of the volume of a piece of cork is captive air within the cells. Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly building material available. The cellular structure makes cork light in weight, buoyant, resistant to the penetration of moisture, compressible, resillient to the effects of friction and ideal thermal and sound insulation material. In addition cork is much more chemically inert than most materials and is therefore capable of withstanding deterioration through age. It also has a strong resistance to the effects of varying temperature and humidity levels.

• Elastic and Resilient :The flexibility of the cork cell membranes are extremely flexible, compressible and elastic. So it will always tend to return to original shape.

• Buoyancy : Cork’s low density means that it floats on water, moreover the fact that is has such strong watertight cell membranes means that it will not absorb water and gain density/mass in humid conditions.

• Insulation : Cork gives a low conductivity of heat, sound and vibration, mainly because the cell honeycomb structure means that it is made up of lot sor tiny, sealed pockets of air which give it incredible insulation properties that are also very durable.

• Impermeable : Cork has a magic chemical in its cell membrane that makes it completely impremeable to liquids and gases.

• Fire Retardant : Non combustible does not propagate flames or does it release incandescent particles,

• Impact Absorber : This implies that the impact not only affects the point of contacted, but also extends to the adjecent zones, which permits it to absorb the impact.

• High Friction Coefficient : Cork is extremely durable and has a friction coefficient, so will survive repeated impact or rubbing extremely well.

• Hypoallergenic : Cork does not absorb dust, so is ideal for use by people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

• Light : Since %88 its volume is air, this translates to a low density,

• Ecological %100 :The process of extraction, manufacture and application of cork material is done without any environmental impact

• Thanks to its elasticity property, uses as bottle stopper,because even after years of compression in the neck of bottle it stil retains its elasticity so maintaining airtight seal.

• Life jackets, fishing equipments in marine industry,

• Underlay blanket on the floor in building construction for vibration dampening,

• Floor insulation and anti-squeak material for automotive industry,

• Thanks to high friction resistance properties, cork is used in shoe sole industry,

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