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GLOBAR heavy layer noise barriers are flexible, non-reinforced, resilient, mass loaded elastomeric materials that block the transmission of airborne noise from one area to another. GLOBAR is ideal for direct application to the noise source and/or to the housing covering the noise source. The product comes in black (charcoal) and is stocked in rolls or sheet upon customer’s request.

• By its high density Heavy Layer is excellent as sound absorption,

• GLOBAR is attained without the use of hazardous substances (lead, heavy metals),

• GLOBAR comprises fire-resistant mineral fillers,

• GLOBAR is halogen free product, has been tested to the following flammability test methods IMO A653 (CE Marine), ASTM E84, E162, E662, FMVSS 302 and ASTM D5132,

• GLOBAR converts vibrational energy to heat energy, resulting in the following benefits; reduction of vibration transfer to adjoined surfaces, increasing working life of the metal, ability to use thinner metal without the need for support.

Heavy layer insulation materials are used in “automotive interrior trim industry such as underfloor carpets, dashboard, fender covering, engine and firewall insulation. Heavy Layer is also cushioning material that dissipates the vibrational energy of a wall and significantly reduce the noise radiated by the wall in building construction business. , When a piece of material is exposed to mechanical energy (also known is kinetic energy) this will create resonance and generate unwanted sound. Due its high density So Heavy layer absorbs all kinetic energy .

• In construction It arises sandwiched between two sheets of plasterboard or chipboard and improves the sound insulation of the wall or floor by moving the resonance frequency of the audible area.Thus responds to the most demanding soundproofing problems.

Typical uses range from light vehicle through heavy truck and other forms of recreation and transportation vehicles. Also used in commercial and residential construction applications.

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