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Butyl mastic is a highly viscous resin used in industrial applications. As a tape GLOBUTYL adheres to most materials creating watertight bond.It gives efficient solutions for sealing, vibration and insulation. The Butyl tape has aggresive surface tack and high tensile strength. The properties provide immediate bond without primer it has got outstanding thermal insulation property and excellent resistance to water.

The butyl mastic tapes is on a roll or stripe with a silicone release paper for easy application. GLOBE YALITIM produces and converts the butyl mastic into various sizes as specified by the customer.

o Sealant with adhesive properties,

o Non-hardening, permanently elastic,

o Extremely durable,

o Service temperature ranges from – 40°C to + 90°C

o Excellent joint movement,

o Aggresive grip,

o Stays flexible,

o Excellent comformability and consistent uniform thickness,

o Non-shrinking and non-corrosive,

o Automotive weather – strip, glass trim and membrane liners sealant,

o Ducting sealant – HVAC duct sealer,

o Roofing and Cladding sealant,

o Electrical and cable jointing sealant,

o Use as a seal for pipe entrances into concrete walls and concrete pipe joints,

o Use of soft electrical cables,

o Storage hatches on cargo ships ,

o Sealing material in grain silos,

o Anti-Vibration pads for white goods,

o As an insulation and anti-squeak in metal assemblies,

o As a sound damping tape applied to floors and doors in automotive,

o Corrosion inhibator between metal substrates exposed to the environment,

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