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Neoprene Foams GLOBNEO

Neoprene Foams GLOBNEO

Neoprene is closed cell synthetic rubber and similar properties to EPDM in terms of resilience and abrasion resistance. The chemical inertness of Neoprene makes this material suitable for many industrial and flexible sealing applications such as gaskets used in electrical enclosures and weather stripping. Neoprene have good resistance to oils while resistant to petrol and other hydrocarbons are moderate but has a good temperature range (-40oC to +110oC, depending on material grade). Therefore Neoprene is used in a wide range of industrial gasket applications and automotive products. GLOBNEO can be produced as thin as 1,5mm thick, up to 25mm thick. Flame retardant agent can be added in production while customer desired.

• Some of the suitable examples of Neoprene can be found below ;

• Closed cell Neoprene exhibits ideal properties suitable in applications where temperatures can range from –55°C to +130°C. This rubber gasket material is resistant to UV, oxidation, and ozone for long-term use in outdoor applications.

• Due to the excellent aging characteristics of Neoprene closed cell sponge rubber and its ability to eliminate air leakage, this sealing material is known to perform well in HVAC systems.

• Neoprene’s resistance to acids, oil, and gasoline make it a good choice for use in many automotive products. In applications involving consistent temperatures at +65°C, this elastomer is able to maintain high performance.

• The closed cell structure of our Neoprene, which creates a water / air tight seal, enables its use in a large number of electrical applications.

• Weatherproofing


• Automotive

• Electrical Enclosures

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