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Silicone Foam GLOBSIL

Silicone Foam GLOBSIL

Silicones are group of a elastomeric materials made from silicone, hydrogen and carbon.Extreme temperature range and low temperature flexibility are characteristics of silicone compounds. As a group, silicones have poor tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance.Silicones possess excellent resistance to extreme temperatures -50C to +232C. Retention of properties of silicone at high temperature is superior to most other elastic materials.

Various properties of silicone are as follows;

• Excellent heat resistance up to 200C or so

• Excellent cold resistance down to -50C or so

• Excellent electrical property with stable insulating property in wide range of temperature and frequency

• Excellent weather resistance,

• Excellent water resistance,

• Excellent safety and health,

• Excellent shock absorbtion and vibration absorbtion

• Excellent flame resistance up to level of UL-94 V-O is available

• Exposed to high temperature (up to 200oC) as Gasket, Sealing and Gap filler for underhood in automotive business,

• Sealing purpose for doors, Windows and wings in aircraft industry

• Anti vibration pads and Windows sealing in construction industry

• Anti vibration and sound deadning pads for white goods

• Shock absorbers, ventillation flaps in automotive

• Thanks to low smoke and toxicity grade, Silicone foam is used in Mass Transit Products

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